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DJ Pro - Midi Fighter Twister Basic Mapping

Description and Instructions

Part 1 Djay Mapping

A lot of gigs I have really limited space, and needed a decent control surface to compliment the keyboard commands. I did a basic mapping for the midi fighter twister for Djay Pro. 

This mapping integrates the Video part of Djay, . This is not a replacement for control, but a supplement to your keyboard. and also still relies heavily on the keyboard mappings that are integrated.

File is a zip of both the Djay Pro Mapping and the Midi Fighter Utility Mapping. You need both for this to work


Top Row = Buttons control play pause for deck 1-4, twister controls volume
Row 2 = twister controls tempo for decks 1-4. Button controls sync function. Shift + Button sets master sync
Row 3 = Twister controls scrub function. Push + Twist and Scratch function
Row 4 = 

Bottom Left =  Music Crossfader only - press = cut to middle
Left inner = Video Fader only (pickup function) - press to change video transition mode
Right inner - Video fader only (no pickup function) - press to change video transition mode
Bottom Right - Superknob - controls both video & cross fader
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