night person's KORG Kaoss DJ for Algoriddim Djay Pro (Mac)

Description and Instructions

I use a Traktor X1+Z1+F1 combo at home and for gigs - but my trusty KORG Kaoss DJ controller is always in my backpack for those emergency party situations.
Thanks to its Spotify integration, I use Djay as my 'portable' app for basic mixing (which means it's also great for taking requests in the club - but don't tell anyone) - however, I find it to be limited in its transport controls vs. Traktor.
This mapping upgrades all of that, and works as per the 'out-of-the-box' KORG instruction manual... whilst retaining all the power of that awesome Kaoss Pad.
The bits that don't work, however, are due to interoperability because this hardware was originally built for use with Serato - so there are a couple of fiddly bits to be discovered, but that's all part of the fun, right?!
All feedback welcome, as well as any improvements.
Much love, Tom xx
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Comments for v1.0.0
Alexander Rausch 8 months ago
Thanx so much for your work! It works properly with some bugs as written here with the LED's but probably that will get fixed with patience and more time. The third cue-LED works if you mark the midi button in the menue. So thank you again! Best regards from Germany=)
Wil Schmid 5 months ago

there's no way to pre-cue songs, splitting audio only works internally. is that correct? thanks

Alex D about 1 year ago
Thanks so much for this, working great! Just to add where to put this file on MacOS, since it took me a while to find (and Algoriddim incorrectly states the location on their site)... /Library/Application Support/Algoriddim/MIDI Mappings/
night person 12 months ago

with Djay loaded, just click the file once downloaded and your Mac will add it to the list! may need to reconnect the device after this... not sure. Enjoy! 🦉 xx

Johnny over 1 year ago
Thank you so much for this!! Works great, jog wheels work for me either to cue quickly or to touch and slow down or speed up the track. No scratching function but nicely done!
Hondo over 1 year ago
Love it! Thank you. Spotify integration oooooo weeeeee. Gonna try to make the jog pads a little more sensitive but everything works swell
Hondo over 1 year ago

cannot figure out how to get jog wheels going. any thought? need to increase sensitivity. a few things I've run into trying to make more controls: shift+headphones turns the controller lights on and off and doesn't register for midi the fx key is like hotfixed to the effect 1 trigger. can't turn it off, can assign additional function to the key. light doesn't go on and off every time :/ i turned the gains into my filter controls :D turned the touch pads into a skip forward and backward a measure when nothing lit up, middle key sets the bpm grid more sensitivity and will be perfect!

night person over 1 year ago

Hi dude, jog wheels work for me! if not, try the 'advanced' dropdown in the midi editor and adjust the sensitivity and speed to your needs. Lights are a problem for me too - I think because they serve as both hardware and software buttons for the Kaoss Pad, so in my current version I have switched FX controlls off entirely in favour of using that. If you have an upgraded mapping, I'd love to have a play with it! Message me and let's collab on v.2.0 xx