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DDJ-RB MAP FOR TRAKTOR (djhellas.gr)!!!

Description and Instructions

I make some changes. I include photos!!!

I made and i tried in traktor 2.10. I dont know if have problems in previews versions.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v3.1.0
Georg over 2 years ago
Hey, can anyone help me out why I cant hear the sound in my headphones? Is it because of the mapping? I did everything but the headphone tool doesnt work. cheers georg
gonzalo over 3 years ago
no me funicionaron los botones de play, el resto funcionaba.
Dj cobber almost 3 years ago

hey , i'm new , could you tell me how is the instalation process

djmick over 4 years ago
Me re sirvi├│ muchas gracias el ├║nico en todo el Internet que me anduvo
Daniel jesus narvaez perez almost 4 years ago

puedes decirme los pasos para que funcione? :(

Tommy.J almost 5 years ago
Not Working :(
gotham almost 5 years ago

What do you mean? not work the map or soundcard? If you mean soundcard is about drivers and not mapping. in what version of Traktor you try?

gaspar almost 3 years ago

dont work with me the soundcard

Alisson about 5 years ago
It did not work, nor did it load.
gotham about 5 years ago

Why? I tested. You load it correctly? https://ibb.co/n68tqw