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Numark MIXTRACK PRO Advanced 4 Decks Kontrol (Bao edit) (Bao edit)

Description and Instructions

So I have edited this mapping and worked out all the bugs. Its pretty much the same almost but a few items where change because i don't see a use for them. I'm gonna be working on this to make it prefect as possable. This is for Traktor Pro 2.11 .

Since STO (soft take over) is enable you just need to raise the A/B fader gain, Cue gain, Cue mix, and Main level from max to min before playing.

+adjusted the jog wheels to be more accurate 

+All knobs / faders are STO

+Xfader is set on Thur

+Added Flux mode buttons

+Added FX3 amount

+Added Gain Record

+Added LED Flashing when Freeze mode enable on Deck A

+Added Preview 

+Added Xfader ON

+Added Scratch on

+Fader/Knob for a, cue, b, cue mix, main level are set on Relative

Add 12/29/16 sing fx controls but you must add a short cut on keyboard or whatever you have too map changing fx around. New Photo

Please let me know if there is something wrong thanks 

Guys, I sold my Mixtrack, so I'll not update the map anymore... Sorry...
Numark Mixtrack Pro map for Traktor Pro 2.5+ by DJ P4N1K0
  • 4 Decks, but works fine with 2 Decks too.
  • SHIFT functions for controllers
  • 4 Hot Cues
  • All LEDs working according with your functions
  • Track Grid control
  • Jogs works in two modes (scratch+bend and fine bend)
    • Jog bend by the sides and scratch by the top. 
  • More functions for FX Units
  • Filter in mixer
  • Look at the picture for more details! (included in download)
ATTENTION! This is a first version of the map! Use with caution and report here the possibles bugs.

 This map was made only for Traktor 2.5 or higher version!

Made for Mixtrack Pro and Mixtrack, but is not tested in this last one!

For more details: http://wp.me/pNhE6-aY
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/douglasvbarone 

Sorry for my English.


Português do Brasil:
Pessoal, eu vendi meu Mixtrack, então não vou mais atualizar o map... Desculpem...
Map para Numark Mixtrack Pro para Traktor Pro 2.5+ by DJ P4N1K0 
4 Decks
  • 4 Decks, mas funciona bem com 2 Decks.
  • Funções SHIFT para os controladores
  • 4 Hot Cues
  • Todos os LEDs funcionam de acordo com suas funções
  • Controle da Grid da Track
  • Jogs trabalham em dois modos (scratch+bend e bend preciso)
    • Jog bend pelos lados e scratch por cima.  
  • Mais funções para as FX Units
  • Filtro no mixer
  • Olhe a imagem para mais detalhes! (incluso no download)

Esta é a primeira versão deste map! Use com cautela e reporte aqui os possíveis bugs.

ATENÇÃO²! Este map foi feito apenas para Traktor 2.5 ou versões superiores!

Feito para Mixtrack Pro e Mixtrack, mas não foi testado neste último!

Para mais detalhes: http://wp.me/pNhE6-aY
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/douglasvbarone
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1.0.0 Initial release edit
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Comments for v2.11.1
FTZdaisuki 5 months ago
This mapping literally breathed new life into my aging basic Mixtrack. I'm not using the full 4 decks to their potential yet, but just the integration of a SHIFT button makes getting by with this way more possible (it SUCKS not having gains, a filter, or more than 1 FX unit.). Now if only there was a way to hack a soundcard in...