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TouchOSC & TraktorPro (edited & mapped by buro)

Description and Instructions

The layout I've just finished to edit explains how I play techno (basically) with Traktor.

  • 4Decks ...generally with 2 Remix Decks, even if now I'm using channels C - D as LiveInput for Machine (that's routed into Ableton as a plugin and controlled by TouchOSC's LiveControl layout or also by my BCD-3000..very soon will arrive the Livid DS1 to complete the setup :)
  • 4 FX Units, all in Advanced Mode with a Filter, Gater, Reverb and Delay assignable to each Deck.
  • The Browser section that emulates he S4 browser, with two encoders for scrolling in both folders and lists, and the expand/collapse button for open/close the folders
  • The MIDI Clock section and the Broadcasting/Recording section.
  • The track controllers, with encoders for selecting and moving loops or beat jump and the buttons for activating loops or selecting what to move (Loops, Beatjump, Jump In/Out)
Please note that Hotcues (in green) and Samples (in Red) are still in Beta 'cause I don't know both how to edit a SHIFT button for deleting the hotcues, neither how to change the Toggle buttons with some Push buttons with flashing LEDs inside!

The software is very stable and responsive with an ad-hoc connection (in my case) and using the OSC MIDI Bridge App (download it at http://hexler.net/software/touchosc ).

That's what I'm missing and what I'm asking for everyone of you interested into improving this layout:

  • A f***ing (sorry, but I've tried to edit it but with no way!!) SHIFT button that enables looping in Deck C - D !!!
  • Activating the LEDs inside the faders and near the Master Volume
  • Making the Samples buttons better, maybe changing the Toggle buttons with some Push buttons with flashing LEDs inside!
  • Cue Mix and Cue Vol knobs ... but there's no more space!
I've also put inside the archive a little collection of powerful and historic Rides to arm your Remix Decks!

Hope you'll find it as reliable as I found it...
Enjoy it!
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