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Envinite's TouchOSC - 4 STEMS Decks

Description and Instructions

My first mapping. Designed for smartphone device in mind for those who want to try STEMS feature without buying another controller.

Feature :

1.) STEMS control for all decks. Pretty self explanatory.

2.) Loop size indicator above the volume faders by using LED colors, which basically means :
  • Blue (16-32) = Safe, but too long loop
  • Green (4 - 8) = Standard sized loop
  • Yellow (1-2) = Off-bar loop
  • Orange (1/8 - 1/2) = Glitch / Stuttering loop
  • Red (1/32 - 1/16) = Sounds like shit - loop 
3.) Channel VU meter for eye candy, orange & red Vestax VCI-400 themed.

  • Faders are used instead knobs due to limited movement on smaller screen space on mobile / smartphones.
  • All volume faders are set to absolute and other faders are relative.
  • You can edit parameters & colors in TouchOSC editor.
Tested on Samsung Galaxy J5, 5.2" screen @ 720 x 1280px resolution and Galaxy Grand 2.
Created on Traktor Should work for version 2.9 and newer.

No bugs found, though if you find any, post on comment or say to my Instagram account @envinite.
Have fun :)
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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