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bMONIUM Stem/Remix Knobs and Faders (4 Deck_2x2)

Description and Instructions

This mapping was built to accompany my launchpad/launchpad pro mappings (coming soon!). As the launchpad is a grid controller, I needed something with knobs/faders for level controls. The Novation Launch Control XL was my initial solution (now using a Livid DS1 - also coming soon).

*Controller must be in "USER" mode.

Stem Decks A&B / Remix Decks C&D

Stem (A&B):
-Filter knob per stem
-Volume knob per stem
-Filter On/Off button per stem

Remix (C&D):
-Filter knob per slot
-Volume fader per slot
-Filter On/Off button per slot

With the "Send Select/Track Select" buttons, you can also control deck flavor.
The respective LEDs will be RED when the decks are on the following flavors:

With the "Device/Mute/Solo/Record Arm" buttons, you can load to deck.
The Respective LEDs will be yellow when the deck is playing.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Joel Pujol over 3 years ago
Nice work! I will use it for Remix Deck C and D. Just so pitty there is not play function or clip selecction from the 4 banks. That would made it awesome! Actually, what I need is to control 2 FX and Remix Decks, or at least FXs. I'll try to learn how to do it, but was unsuccesfull in the past. ;)
djmanga almost 5 years ago
bMONIUM almost 5 years ago

Your welcome, DJ MANGA. I'm glad that people seem to be getting some use from this. The Livid DS1 version of this mapping will also be uploaded soon.