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Pioneer DDJ RB Basic Mapping

Description and Instructions

Hey guys, i just finished mapping the basic functions of a DDJ RB for traktor pro 2.6.
Hope you like it. Looking for other people to come up with more advanced mappings soon !

Check out the video link & follow on youtube & facebook ! Feedbacks warmly welcome
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
runm almost 4 years ago
Some buttons are working on DDJ-RB but jog wheel isnĀ“t working properly for example.
Alisson almost 4 years ago
It did not work, nor did it load.
Chocowbee over 4 years ago
di traktor 2.4 tidak bisa di import, traktor brp minimal bisa upload mappingan ini?
Andre Maia almost 5 years ago
I hello do you have an updated version already? Can you help me to get one? Thank you so much!
lancelotpt about 5 years ago
Hey, first of all most of what is explained in the video is working (for me), good job man. Still, I can't use "Filter", the "Jog Wheel" is not scratching and I can't hear anything on my headphones. If you have any ideia how to fix this, I would be very thankfull. Anyway, great job man! Peace
Nanda Kishore Mahapatra about 5 years ago

Hey thanks. I have not mapped the Jog wheels for scratching. They can be used to pitch bend. You need to change the audio settings and set output channels 3&4 for the monitor output to use the headphone jack. Make sure you are using the DDJ RB asio for the sound output. Ill make you another version with an option to scratch soon...