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Uncool Lunch Tables (With lightshows!) Credit: DAT BOI.

Description and Instructions

Hello again beautiful people! I have started working on this pack again!
Here are a few things if the pack doesn't work!

N.1. If you're on a mac... Too bad. But there are programs that let you use .rar files! Like unarchiver!  
 ( http://unarchiver.c3.cx/ )

N.2. If the lights wont work, try pressing the left-middle side button. If it still wont work, Plug the midi fighter out, then back in again. If it still wont work... Open MF Utility and make sure that the Midi Channel is on 3 and the Midi Velocity is on 127. 

N.3. If the Midi Fighter wont work with any pack... Make sure you don't have MF Utility up. If you did have it up, close it, plug out your Midi Fighter, then plug it in again. If you need more clarity, look here: http://djtechtools.com/midi-fighter-setup/ 

And if you want to learn, try watching this video. I might do a tutorial in the future: 

And thank you for using my pack :D

I would also like to thank DAT BOI ( https://my.djtechtools.com/users/867327 ) for making the first bank and a effect in the beginning of the third and fourth bank. Check him out, And he might have his own version of this up later.

This also exists so I can transfer the file to my big computer as I made this when I was bored at grandma's...
And now I am using it to transfer the newer version back to my laptop because I am going to music camp :D

Also... Shawn wasabi... If you see this... Hi ;3
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.4.0
Hatsuke about 3 years ago
This is beautiful
Leo the music ghost about 3 years ago

Thanks mate ⌃o⌃

Nebble over 3 years ago
Hiyo! For some odd reason, I can't get the lights to work at all. I've tried everything you said in the N.2 and N.3 areas. I've also imported the Settings.mfs into MF Utility, none of the cool light effects work, they only light up while pressed. Please help <3
Nebble over 3 years ago

Update: After 30 minutes of tampering, managed to get it fixed.

Leo the music ghost about 3 years ago

This was a long time ago.

Leo the music ghost 12 months ago

Even longer now