Collision Mapping (Instant Gratification, Remix Decks, Hotcues, More!

Description and Instructions

User Feedback:
Yeah, man. That mapping changed my life. ~Uncanny88

I've been using the collision mapping for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. ~Glenn Anderson

The layout is dope. Rocking it at my set at Love Fest Mexico ~Stuart G Murphy

PRICE: only $10

Get your copy here!

Harmonic mixing controls
Flux Mode

Controls included: (but not limited to)
2 Decks
2 Remix Decks
8 Hotcues per deck
Standard Mixer Controls for all 4 decks
4 FX units (single and grouped)
Deck Scrolling
Loop Controls
Loop Recorder
1 Instant Gratification Mapping for both A and B

To Install: 
1. open traktor settings by hitting the small gear in the corner.
2. Go to controller manager tab
3. click the bottom import button and select the downloaded .tsi file
4. make sure the in and outs in the upper right corner are both set to APC40
5. Then just make sure the layout of traktor is correct. 2 decks, 2 sample decks, 4 effects units.

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Comments for v0.8.0
Bart Misiewicz almost 9 years ago
Please update for 2.8.1. This seems like the perfect time to because Traktor is finally 64-bit.
Dan about 9 years ago
ok so the website is dead, and I would like this mapping. Can anyone just hook me up because this is sortof ridiculous that A. he is charging for a mapping and B. doesn't look like you can buy it even if you wanted to
Corey Steward about 9 years ago

you can get it here for free

Kilian about 9 years ago

Is the free version on Traktorbible updated? Or an older version? Any idea how different they would be?

Corey Steward about 9 years ago

it worked for me in 2.71

Ken Lee over 9 years ago
Great mapping but what's up with the vocal clash on your mix, a big no-no by my standards. Cheers
Skidot almost 10 years ago
great mapping however last night the deck scroll stopped working could you polease advise how to fix?
Fenomenet over 10 years ago
i bought this a week ago and have yet to recieve any email containing the files that i bought. come on dude! it was 10 dollars!
Comments for v0.8.0
eymsohigh almost 11 years ago
I do not find the tsi. doc... is this because i'm on windows?
Comments for v0.8.0
mersfeld almost 11 years ago
Loving it! Stable, workable, and totally flexible on the learning curve. I personally reassigned shift to a foot pedal, reassigned the headphone cues to A-D on the upper-right column, and reassigned all the up-faders (personal prefs: 1 = volume A 2 = loop recorder 3 = pitch slider A 4 = volume C 5 = master volume 6 = volume D 7 = pitch slider B 8 = PFL mix (shift = PFL volume) 9 = volume B) I'm kindy fiddling with the preview player controls... but haven't found something personally satisfying yet... That's my $.04! THANK YOU SO MUCH C-LAB... WELL-WORTH the ten-spot for sure!!! -ME