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Xdj Rx 2.10 mapping for Algoriddim Djay Pro

Description and Instructions

I've made a mapping Djay Pro to work with xdj rx. I've managed to mapp as much as i could, the only thing that i didn't manage to mapp was the jog led's and the level vu meters of the channels and the master level.I hope u like this mapping... Enjoy!!!Sorry for my english!

  1- Play/Pause

  2- Cue

  3- Skip 4 beat’s backward’s

  4- Skip 4 beat’s forward’s

  5- Load previous track

  6- Load next track

  7- Reverse

  8- Reset tempo

  9- Loop in

10- Loop out

11- Reloop on/off

12- Loop half

13- Loop double

14- Fx1 enabled 

15- Fx2 enabled

16- Fx1/Fx2 parameter adjust

17- Scratch mode on/off

18- Sync on/off

19- Master on/off

20- Tempo range

21- Key on/off

22- Tempo

23- Scratch

24- Pitch bend


25- Hot cue 1,2,3,4

      A- Hot cue1 (28+A - Delete Hot cue1)

      B- Hot cue2 (28+B - Delete Hot cue2)

      C- Hot cue3 (28+C - Delete Hot cue3)

      D- Hot cue4 (28+D - Delete Hot cue4)

28+25- Hot cue 5,6,7,8

      A- Hot cue5 (28+A - Delete Hot cue5)

      B- Hot cue6 (28+B - Delete Hot cue6)

      C- Hot cue7 (28+C - Delete Hot cue7)

      D- Hot cue8 (28+D - Delete Hot cue8)


26- Auto beat loop

      A- Beat loop 1

      B- Beat loop 2

      C- Beat loop 4

      D- Beat loop 8

28+A- Beat loop 1/16

28+B- Beat loop 1/8

28+C- Beat loop 1/4

28+D- Beat loop 1/2


28+26 Sampler

      A- Play Sample 1

      B- Play Sample 2

      C- Play Sample 3

      D- Play Sample 4

28+A- Play Sample 5

28+B- Play Sample 6


27- Fx

      A- Absorb Fx

      B- Drift Fx

      C- Sway Fx

      D- Crush Fx

28+A- Punch Fx

28+B- Twist Fx

28+C- Low-Pass

28+D- High-Pass


28+27- Bounce loops

      A- Bounce loop 1

      B- Bounce loop 2

      C- Bounce loop 4

      D- Bounce loop 8

28+A- Bounce loop 1/16

28+B- Bounce loop 1/8

28+C- Bounce loop 1/4

28+D- Bounce loop 1/2


29- Music library select

30- Toggle sample

31- Automix on/off

32- Library expand on/off

33- Focus playlist

34- Rec on/off

35- Move up/down in library (focus tracks)

36- Load track left (Deck 1) and right (Deck 2)

37- Change video transition 

38- Master volume


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
justin w over 2 years ago
Does anyone know how i can install t his mapping on windows 10? And are there people by who the pioneer xdj- rx works on windows 10?
hazza74 about 2 years ago

Did you manage to get this to work mate?

wildtype about 3 years ago
Is there any way to get the audio to come from the XDJ-RX rather than the laptop? I have my speakers connected to the controller, but the master out keeps playing from my laptop speakers.
Dj Hairless about 3 years ago

Hi there! Is your xdj-rx mixer to midi??? In your djay pro setting did you check the split audio option??? Do you have the latest xdj-rx firmware and drive???

ash about 3 years ago
are there install guides? I've looked everywhere to see how you add custom mappings to Djay Pro but having no luck. Could you explain that also? Thanks
Dj Hairless about 3 years ago

Hi there ASH! I think if you double click on it should be fine. If you are on mac go to your home folder/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim/Mappings and copy my mapping there! If you are on windows I think you must copy my mapping on C:/"Your user name"/Documents/Algoriddim/Mappings.

Carl over 3 years ago
Hey, thanks for the mapping. I'm just wondering, how do I engage other effects like noise, gate/comp and crush? Thanks
Dj Hairless over 3 years ago

I don't think u can. Try to put xdj-rx mixer mode to xdj-rx, but I think u gona loose the control of the software. Plus I think if the software don't have those effect's is not possible to mapp it.Anyway u can activate the crush fx by pressing 27+D on you're xdj-rx see the above picture.

Gertjun over 3 years ago

So just to be sure; Both channels on the XDJ-RX are working? (As you only numbered the left channel in your picture?)

Dj Hairless over 3 years ago

Yes both channels are working ;)

Vadim almost 4 years ago
So how do u install this mapping? im new to this and i have a xdj-rx controller. thanks!