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Nosty 57

Description and Instructions

This is a basic mapping for anyone that is using the Rane TTM-57 Mixer via a external interface or the A side usb mapping internal interface. (hacked) 

Items Mapped: 
FX Beats -- Acts as Micro FX Control twisting the knob control the parameter | Pushing the knob resets parameter to zero. Left knob controls FX unit 1 Right knob Controls FX unit 2. 

Loop-- Knob is the Loop count selector. Pushing the Knob activates corresponding loop. Left Knob Deck A, Right Knob Deck B
Roll -- Activated Flux Mode. Left Button, Deck A. Right Button Deck B. 
Library -- Scroll up and down track list. Push button to select Track to be loaded in corresponding deck. Left button Deck A, Right Button Deck B. 

Joystick-- Left Joystick controls Deck A, Right Joystick Controls Deck B.  INT-- Instant Double. Hold Slip to Delete Cue 

Cues 1234 -- Set and Activate Hot cues for corresponding decks. Left -- Deck A. Right Side Deck B. 

This is a work in progress but this mapping allows you to use the mixer as a traditional mixer with basic performance functionality. 
I will post up an update to the Cue Button lights, Samples, and Mapping the mixer as Internal to get better use out of the Post Fx Functionality. 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Brian almost 4 years ago
Hey Whats up DJ N.O.S. Do you have an updated version of this mapping? My DJ gig has this mixer and I want to use Traktor 3 with it. Thank you
Dj N.O.S. almost 4 years ago

Unfortunately I didn't own the mixer personally so I only had time to make a basic mapping.

Dimi almost 4 years ago

He DJ N.O.S. I am thinking about getting this mixer, now that T3 should work with the sound card. Very interested in what you've written about post fader fx - how exactly could you map this? Can i choose the Line Fader not to actually close the Channel but only send midi when the mixer is in usb mode? Can i somehow decide about that in the mixers property or something? And what is with the Filter knob? Is it a hardware Filter or will it switch to SW like on the kontrol z2? Thanks if you have some input on this :)