Faderfox DJ4 for DJ Player Pro on IOS

Description and Instructions

First attempt at a mapping for the Faderfox DJ4 with DJ Player Pro.

That many encoders and channels to play with it took some getting head around, but this is fairly close to the Traktor map and seems to work quite well for me.  I mapped the button next to the filter to momentary on/off for effect 1, which I have set to Roll.  Other effects can be accessed by pressing the green effect buttons up top and then using the top encoders for on/off and main and secondary parameters.

Loving this controller. Extremely compact, but really useable at the same time.  It's obviously lacking jog wheels and a built in audio interface, but makes up for that with loads of mapping options and plug and play with iPad - no need for usb hub.
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Comments for v0.2.0
Tearsdontlie about 3 years ago
good job!! thank you so much!