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Global Filter Knob

Description and Instructions

The Remix Decks Knob becomes a Global Filter which you can turn on/off for decks A & B, independently.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Bobby about 3 years ago
I don't think this'll work for Traktor 3?
dj.mixteco.mix about 6 years ago
hello there can you update this mapping please . i have trouble whit the new traktor update please tnks any way.
BERNER about 6 years ago

Hey sorry for the late reply... In my case it's working perfectly with the new mapping and my Kontrol S2 MK2... Are you using the same controller or the MK1? Are you on Windows or OS X?

Vu about 6 years ago

i have the kontrol s2 mk2 on Windows the mapping for the filter is working fine but my Play button doesnt work anymore. maybe you can fix it somehow would be nice! :)

dj.mixteco.mix about 6 years ago

i have the kontrol s2 MK1. thanks for the replay.

dj.mixteco.mix over 6 years ago
thnks for the mapping.
BERNER over 6 years ago

You're welcome! :)

Dj PSquare over 6 years ago

How should I install this in S2