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DJay Pro Traktor S4

Description and Instructions

Here is a 2 Deck mapping for DJay Pro for Traktor S4 to get you started.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
Dim about 1 year ago
Lots of things are working with this mapping but when I push the play button, it doesn't hold. Plays for a sec and stops again. Any ideas?
Gustavo about 2 years ago
hi, any solution for midi out for activate leds for s4? thanks
Bohdi over 2 years ago
Pretty sweet, only problem is I have to push the play button twice each time to get it to play/pause. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for the mapping!
Dylan C over 3 years ago
Can't get it to work. S4 is in midi mode. Do I need a controller editor template as well?
petehodbod@me.com over 3 years ago

Is djay recognising your s4, and has it asked you to create a midi mapping for it? I found getting djay to recognise my s4 was tough. It worked best when I powered up my MacBook with the s4 already plugged in and turned on. Then once djay is launched switch to midi mode

erPuma over 3 years ago

Djay pro recognizes my S4, i switched to midi mode but no command is working. any thoughts?