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MixMeister - TouchOSC Basic Controls

Description and Instructions

This is a very basic controller for MixMeister with TouchOSC
4 Strip Layout for Phone (iphone 5 size template)
6 Strip Layout for Tablet (ipad size template)

This is what I know so far of how to connect to Mix Meister (it's annoying but once you get through this part you can use basic controls)

Tools > Options... then go to Midi tab

Set Harware Control
TouchOSC Bride

Midi Clock Output
TouchOSC Bridge

Control Template

Then you have to basically go into the Customize and click on each thing on the list of Midi Configuration

Once you click through each, click learn and hit the touchosc button or slider.

It has options from strip 1-8 but the controller I made either has 4 or 6 strips so ignore the extras

If you have question my contact is on the controller
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.0.1
Stewe almost 7 years ago
Is this file for MixMeister Express?