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APC mini 2 deck mapping by TAL H

Description and Instructions

Everything is shown lit up in the picture except for the on/off buttons for the FX controls. Some of the lights you see flash in person (the play button, hot cue delete buttons, sync, and a couple more). 

This is supposed to be a simple 2 deck mapping. Filters instead of designated eq's.

Make sure to turn off other apc mini mappings or they will interfere.

Hope you like my mapping!
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Comments for v0.1.0
mattio 18 days ago
h scaricato questa mappatura ma non me la carica.... uffa ho un mec può essere che non sia compatibile
Salamander 29 days ago
How I can control deck b FX? And also to control the 3rd fix in case of group FX? Many thanks for the support and for the great work done with this mapping. Best regards
Tal Hod 29 days ago

Hi Salamander. Sorry but I am a noob at mapping. If anyone else who has downloaded this wants to map a shift button that would be awesome. And the only reason the red delete buttons are there for hot cues is cause I dont know how to map a shift button correctly. Anyways good luck.

sundesh sharma 3 months ago
How can i controll it ??
dreckras about 1 year ago
can i use it on mac_?
lordahr 7 months ago

maps can be loaded in MAC and PC versions.