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APC Mini Full Remix Decks C&D

Description and Instructions

I use this mapping together with my Kontrol S4. 
With this you can control remix deck C and D at the same time. All chanel controls are on the S4.
See the picture for best understanding.

Hope you enjoy.
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Comments for v1.0.0
Jason over 5 years ago
As to expect from a version 1.0 its great Mapping to use as starting point to devlop to the own taste. For live i wouldnt use it as its too much shift using for simple things like filters and when u use the filter fader also it starts to get difficult. but slot management is nice. i more would think about mb not to waste half the buttons on the slot options and just put them on shift as depneds ur playing style u wont change them so often. im still testing some mappings and then i will start my own one from nearly zero. but mb i take this one as at least slots are perfectly working already. in any case - thanks for ur work and sharing! im sure u helped a lot of poeple with this. keep on groovin! :)
John Arienda-Jose almost 6 years ago
Can this mapping be used for both Mac and Windows?
Iriebreaks almost 6 years ago

Yes, sure.

Mazedrecords almost 6 years ago
Nice, THX for map the Contoller
heitor secundino about 6 years ago
i can use this mapping in the new step sequencer of Traktor?
PsyonicArts over 6 years ago
I'm going to give this a shot using myS2 to control the decks A/B, and hopefully the apc mini will let me control the remix decks. =D Thanks for providing a starting point!