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Ernesto's 4 Deck .STEMS mapping for kontrol f1

Description and Instructions

Kontrol 4 stem decks on a single controller or assign multiple controllers to their own dedicated deck
page 0 does nothing.
  • rotating the encoder to page 1,2,3,4 will correspond to Deck A,B,C,D.
  • the four faders will adjust slot volume, from left to right are slots 1,2,3,and 4.
  • the four mute buttons are used as filter toggle ON/OFF for their corresponding channel. 
i recommend pressing the four mute buttons on the bottom and keeping them lit up. then the four knobs on the top of the controller are activated to be used as filters. and when you want to kill the effect quick.just toggle the corresponding channel off.


the 16 buttons on the unit are mapped to act as VU meters for their corresponding channel.
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Comments for v0.1.0
Ernesto Perez over 4 years ago
to download free stems to test this map. feel free to download NGHT DRPS's released stems here -> http://www.native-instruments.com/fileadmin/ni_media/downloads/stems/150803_Stems_NGHT_DRPS.zip
Ernesto Perez over 4 years ago

just copy and paste that link into another tab ^