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STEMS Control for Launchpad

Description and Instructions

Hey everyone, thought you guys might like this if you own a Launchpad.

Since NI came out with Stems format, I wanted to play around with them. So I took the Launchpad and started programming.

Right now, this .TSI supports Deck A/B and utilizes 4 volume faders per deck to allow you to isolate the Audio from a Stem Channels(SLOTS).

In addition, it has your basic Play/Sync buttons. Since I have a DDJ-SX mapped out in Traktor, I really only needed this to be able to perform with STEMS. This already took me a whole weekend and I can't think of anything else to add at the moment for the buttons that are empty.

I would like your feedback and more important, suggestions on what you would like to see added as a feature and I'll look into adding it if I can. If anyone out there is knowledgeable with advanced mapping in Traktor, feel free to PM me and I can mention some Ideas and maybe we can finish this? It's whatever..

I didn't add the most recent iterations of Launchpad since I do not own them, so let me know if they work and I can update later. 

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.8.0
djcheepo about 5 years ago
nice i will try this out sometime when i actually get time lol!! just a thought tho... if u use modifiers mapped as toggle buttons u can most likely set toggle buttons to switch between all 4 decks.. like if u r using deck a and deck b there 1 button could switch deck a to deck c and another button could switch deck b to deck d.. then it would be up to u weather or not u want 4 stem decks or 2 stems decks and 2 track decks or even 2 stems and 2 remix decks or 2 stems a remix and a track deck or....lol u get the idea hahaha :) so many possibilities.. add a seccond launchpad and well endless possibilities... ive mapped mine for all 4 track decks mine is here too https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/3517 i have to update it i added more to it ... the original mapping took me a month but i can probably do it again in a few hours now.. anyway hope i gave u some ideas... djcheepo....................................
Gian Fan about 5 years ago
Hi. I want ti try it. So, did you use traktor and Launchpad. I want to experiment it. Just have to understand how to jump from 1 track to another. I will let you know.
Christian about 5 years ago

The mapping only controls the stems, it's not meant to work solo, but in conjunction with another controller.