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Brain Basement's Traktor 2.9 Touch OSC stems control for iPad

Description and Instructions

I wanted to make a way to use the new Stems format without buying equipment, so I made a two deck stems controller for the iPad.  This is setup to use decks C and D as the Stems decks, as I use DVS for decks A and B.  Both decks are controlled on one page, because I hate flipping through tabs to get different decks.  If I get enough requests, I can redo this to have different pages or use decks A and B.  Labels for what things do are on the right side.  You will have to import the .tsi file into Traktor and the OSC file into your iPad to use.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
bajeman3d over 6 years ago
Can you please redo this for Deck A and Deck B?
Paul Montgomery over 7 years ago
thx for this. Now we just need some hacker were to find a way to show waveforms on the ipad!
rant over 7 years ago
great man! ill check it now!
Richard Grayson over 7 years ago
Great idea and layout mate, was hoping someone would create a map for stems and OSC. Cant wait to try this out in my existing setup!