Stem Twister

Description and Instructions

Hey people,
here's a simple and quick single bank Stem mapping for Deck D.

When looking into the instructional video by Ean, I wanted to map the same things but on one single bank.

What is mapped for both in- and output.

Volume adjust slot 1 Filter Adjust slot 1 FX amount adjust slot 1 | empty
Volume adjust slot 2 Filter Adjust slot 2 FX amount adjust slot 2 empty
Volume adjust slot 3 Filter Adjust slot 3 FX amount adjust slot 3 empty
Volume adjust slot 4 Filter Adjust slot 4 FX amount adjust slot 4 empty

Push buttons
Mute slot 1 Filter On slot 1 FX On slot 1 empty
Mute slot 2 Filter On slot 2 FX On slot 2 empty
Mute slot 3 Filter On slot 3 FX On slot 3 empty
Mute slot 4 Filter On slot 4 FX On slot 4 empty

I did try to see how it went with showing volume fader levels on the Volume adjust LEDs, but that did not work for me.

The TSI file will take update both mapping and FX setting.

Pretty simple for now, but this will probably be updated in the not too far future. ;)

Future Updates
  • Finetuning of Deck D controls
  • Adding possible additional controls, 
    • deck master volume control, 
    • pre- listens
    • global effect controls
    • (cue) Play button
  • Testing
  • Create second bank for Deck C controls, identical to Deck D controls
I will try to post an update per bullet item.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.6.0
HighKings almost 9 years ago
Siiick mapping!! Are there any plans to do the same for decks A & B for the other layers??
Leslie Brohm almost 9 years ago

Thanks for liking the mapping. I still need to free up some time, but when all is said and done for the D deck, I will proceed from Deck C to B to A. After that I will try to follow up with a LED ring mapping in the ".mdf" file. Hopefully I can get back cracking coming week. :)

Leslie Brohm almost 9 years ago
I have tested this on some stems and it seemed pretty stable for me. But need to test it for over an hours worth. ;)