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Cry Havoc S4 Mapping

Description and Instructions


This mapping is an override of the default S4 mapping. It’s designed to be flexible and easy to change on the fly. I created it to make use of the extra midi controls that I don’t use since I generally only play two decks and not four.  I’ll go over each modification, along with customization options below. Please note that this mapping uses all four FX units in group mode.

FLUX MODE Press the FX 2 button for deck C to toggle flux mode on and off for deck A. For deck B, press the FX 2 button for deck D.

JOG WHEEL FX Press the FX 1 button for deck C to toggle Jog FX for deck A on and off. When you are in Jog FX mode, pressing down on the jog wheel turns on BUTTON 1 on FX unit one, sets KNOB 1 to 50%. and also kills your lows on the EQ. Turning the jog wheel controls KNOB 1. I use this for Beatmasher 2 or Delay T3, but the mapping doesn’t assign any particular effect. You can use whatever effect you want on the jog wheel and change the effect anytime you want. When you release the jog wheel, the effect is turned off and the low EQ band returns. Press the FX1 button for deck D to activate jog wheel mode for deck B.

MACRO FX UNIT Traktor’s Macro FX  are essentially filters, doing nothing at 12:00 and creating a different sound when turned to the right or to the left.  Using Macro FX on the Z2, you are given a pad for BUTTON 1, and knob for KNOB 1 and another knob for DRY/WET. This simplicity inspired me to create a similar set up using the mixer controls for decks C and D. Make sure that all four FX units are turned on in Traktor. On both decks C and D, the volume fader controls the DRY/WET for decks A and B respectively. Deck C controls FX unit 3 and deck D controls FX unit 4. The cue buttons for each deck toggle all BUTTONS 1-3 on and off. Since I assign the knobs to control Macro FX, as long as I don’t turn them, or have the fader pushed up, nothing will happen. HIGH, MID, and LOW EQ knobs are mapped to KNOBS 1-3. I assigned Wormhole, Laserslicer, and Zzzurp to these knobs, but, you can always choose your own. Just be careful and understand that all three FX buttons are turned on at the same time, so Macro FX are ideal because you can still use one at a time since they are filters.

KEY ADJUST Turn the FILTER knobs on decks C and D to affect the KEY for decks A and B respectively.

So if  you have a KONTROL S4 and you don’t play four decks, you can use this modification of the default mapping to have FLUX MODE, Jog Wheel FX, and MACRO FX for each deck. You can choose any FX you want for all four units. Experiment and you’ll find what works for you! I do recommend that you use MACRO FX for the knobs on C and D decks, and Beatmasher 2 or Gater or something like that for your Jog FX, but that’s just how I get things done.

Keep it bass filled, my friends!

Autrelle Holland/CRY HAVOC

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