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Say My Name Remix Pack

Description and Instructions

I downloaded Odesza's samples when they had a remix contest a few months ago and decided to make a sound pack out of them.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
lisa almost 5 years ago
pretty solid all around
Machew almost 7 years ago
I need help, i cannot hear the souns in ab;leton?
Chaser720 almost 7 years ago

Check and make sure your IN/OUT has All Channels for the IN and Master for the OUT. Other than that I'm not entirely sure. Just downloaded this again a few days ago for another computer and everything loaded up fine.

DJDoubleYou (Will) almost 7 years ago
Very easy to play and sounds good!
Jesus over 7 years ago
THANK YOU BRO! Awesome Sound Pack!
poppinll over 7 years ago
Chaser720 over 7 years ago

Create a DJ Tech Tools account and press the download button above the video.

jeyson anton about 7 years ago

Hey bro, please help me , i send you a facebook request my name is Jeyson Anton.