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Kontrol S2 MK2 for Djay by Algoriddim

Description and Instructions

A very basic set up with Algoriddim's Djay Pro (Mac) plus some other really cool features.

Most mapping is the same as a basic Traktor set up with a few exceptions

1. Gain is only gain and no filter (haven't found a way to make this work yet)

2. Flux mode (Slip mode in djay) only good for scratching but not for using cues/loops

3. Sample decks/sampler buttons not recognized to be mapped (found a way around it)

4. Main level wasn't being recognized (I found a "way around it"...It's now the remix level knob)

Those are just some of the things I could find that were different or just giving me problems.

***KONTROL MUST BE IN MIDI MODE*** click HERE to find out how to do that

Now for some of the fun stuff!

Just about all controls work the same as you would expect them!

Cues, Loops, Grids, EQ's, monitoring cues, gain, faders, flux mode, jog wheels, sync (although I couldn't find a master tempo mapping)

-Button will turn off all FX for that deck and will control dry/wet for all FX simultaneously for that deck
-Each FX knob will increase/decrease parameter for selected effect
-Deck 1:
-FX button 1(bellow Gain knob): Instant FX Crush (Bitcrusher)

-FX button 2(bellow Gain knob): Twist

-Shift+tempo fader=Pitch

-Shift+grid knob (twist)=Fine adjust tempo

-Shift+grid knob (button)=Reset tempo

-Shift+loop size knob (twist)=Jog seek (I honestly had no idea what to make it...)

-Shift+loop size knob (button)=Reset pitch

-Deck 2:

-FX button 1(bellow Gain knob): Instant FX Punch

-FX button 2(bellow Gain knob): Instant FX Absorb

-Shift+grid knob (twist)=Fine adjust tempo

-Shift+grid knob (button)=Reset tempo

-Shift+loop size knob (twist)=Jog seek

-Shift+loop size knob (button)=Reset pitch

Extra Shift button

While messing around, I found, what appeared to be, an extra Shift button in the mapping and found an array of other functions I could add, so here's what I did

Left shift followed by left flux (one handed):

-Use cue buttons for samples

   Deck 1 is left sample 1,2,3,4 in that order

   Deck 2 is right sample 1,2,3,4 in that order

-Use top FX buttons for Bounce Loop (loops "with flux mode")

-Deck 1:
Dry/Wet: 2
FX 1: 1
FX 2: 1/2
FX 3: 1/4
Button 1: 1/8
Button 2: 1/16
-Deck 2:

Button 1: 1/16
Button 2: 1/8
Dry/Wet: 1/4
FX 1: 1/2
FX 2: 1
FX 3: 2
-Load knob works as volume for all samples
-Other Deck specific functions
-Deck 1:
Loop In: Clear start point
Loop Out: Clear end point
Cue: Reset all cue points
-Deck 2:
Loop In: Clear start point
Loop Out: Clear end point
Cue: Reset all cue points
Jog FX:
Yes, there is a way! Definitely different than anything you've seen in Traktor though. There is no way of starting an effect at a certain parameter and have it go up/down at a specific rate, etc. Everything goes up at the same rate, at the same time and effects have to be set by hand. No pre made effects.

ANY FEEDBACK AND RATING IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Thank you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed tweaking it!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Michel Jenal over 2 years ago
Somehow the shift knob is not working with that mapping. I can't reset any cuepoints
zane almost 3 years ago
my G! thakyou
Xudianyong over 4 years ago
matthew hunt over 5 years ago
Hi Diego, did you ever sort out the mapping for the filter? Thanks Matt
Floris Baeke over 5 years ago
anyoneone else having trouble with precueing?
manu de la rosa over 5 years ago

i have the same problem. Anyone, knows a solution??

James about 5 years ago

same, someone please help