Dean William's Cue + Freeze + Remix

Description and Instructions

Dean William's Cue + Freeze + Remix Mapping

This mapping is my first ever made for the MIDI Fighter Spectra and is compatible with the MIDI Fighter 3D. The goal of the mapping is to get the most out of Traktor 2.7 with one controller. With this mapping you will be able to create/delete cue points, use Freeze Mode in Decks A + B, and use both Remix Decks.


This function is utilized in Bank C where you are given 8 Hot Cue points where you can store cue points and loops. Deck A + B each get 8 Hot Cues and you can store by simply pressing an arcade button. The bottom side button allow you to delete Hot Cues by holding down the button and pressing the Hot Cue. Flux Mode can be turned on using the middle side buttons for both decks.


Freeze Mode was added to Traktor in the 2.7 update. You can utilize this feature in Bank B where Deck A is the top 8 buttons and Deck B is the bottom 8 buttons. Freeze Mode can be engaged using the two bottom side buttons. Flux Mode can be turned on using the middle side buttons.


Remix Decks can be used in Bank A (Deck C) and Bank D (Deck D) where all 32 cells can be activated. Each arcade button plays a cell and the bottom two side buttons allow for scrolling through the pages of a Remix Deck.

Installation Notes

1. Load the MFS file into the MIDI Fighter Utility and upload the settings to your MIDI Fighter.
2. Import each TSI into Traktor and set in/out to your MIDI Fighter. Each TSI is a different bank.
3. Questions can be directed to my FB page at

Let me know what you think of this mapping and I hope it lends to your workflow!
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Comments for v0.2.0
jake over 9 years ago
it takes me to page that says it doesnt exist
Dean William over 9 years ago

Hey Jake, That is a bug in the mapping website. You can download the mapping from Dropbox with this link: Cheers!