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Serato DJ Launchpad Mapping by AR

Description and Instructions

This is a Launchpad layout for Serato DJ. It provides the main functions like cues, loops, SP-6 sampler and some others.

The special feature in this layout is the colour of the buttons. The light up in different colours when activated and not activated. This feature does not come automatically when the midi function or midi output lighting in Serato DJ is programmed or activated. So you will now find all the buttons you need even in dark clubs. The loops for example turn from green into orange when activated. The SP-6 slot are red when not active and turn green as long as the sample plays.

You will find a plan with details of the layout in the image file. Have fun.
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Comments for v0.1.0
Brodie about 3 years ago
Can I use this in serato dj lite...!!! If so how!!!!
Greensleeves over 6 years ago
Looks awesome but I am not familiar with using these mappings. What do I do with this XML file I downloaded? I have always used "midi learn" and made my own mappings but this looks great. Please help! Thanks
Kutcorners over 7 years ago
Thanks for the mapping. I had to use text wrangler to edit the xml file that I also had to create to paste the text you made in. I have made some additions and will upload an XML that has a few extra functions. I think it would be nice to include an XML file to make it easier for people who may not be so computer savvy. Great work, its very functional :)
Marquis Gasque over 7 years ago

Are you able to upload your XML file?

dj.army almost 8 years ago
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