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Launchpad DJ Set - Serato DJ

Description and Instructions

I have created a mapping for mixing with Serato Dj 1.7.2. I use this configuration with AKAI LDP8 for FX and Denon DN-HC1000S.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Anthony Shaw about 6 years ago
Could you explain how to do this from the start? (im sorry i was trying but it was really hard), like from which one to download
FRED SPIDERS about 6 years ago

Hi Anthony! I should modify the mapping with the new version of Serato, I hope to succeed to create a manual or video! Bye

metashimoshi over 6 years ago
Hello DJSpiders. How can I change colors of my buttons?
FRED SPIDERS over 6 years ago

Hi METASHIMOSHI, I have used the Launchpad Programmers Reference Guide that you find at this link: https://us.novationmusic.com/support/product-downloads?product=Launchpad+MK1 in this guide there are the tables with the codes of colors, for example 3Ch 60 Green Full. You must edit the xml file configuration that you have created for the launchpad and modify the decimal code that corrisponding at the color, for example: <alias name="on" value="60"/> <alias name="off" value="0"/> . First of modify the xml file, you should create a copy. Cheers Spiders

fly almost 7 years ago
hi djspiders your mapping is very usefull but i would like have control to activate FX, can you edit the mapping and add FX on/off. Im DVS user and donĀ“t use Play/Sync and KeyLock pads in your map. Can you change them for FX1,FX2,FX3,FX4,FX5,FX6 on/off? Really thanks for your support
fly almost 7 years ago

can you map so a comand to delete cues ? Thanks again

FRED SPIDERS almost 7 years ago

Thanks fly as soon as possible I make the new mapping! Cheers

DJ TEEWU about 7 years ago
I'm new to this just downloaded the mapping how do I install it into serato etc
FRED SPIDERS about 7 years ago

Hello Thomas, follow this steps: 1) Extract the XML file and put this in /Music/_Serato_/MIDI/Xml folder, if you have MS Windows the path is similar 2) Open Serato DJ, go to Setup, MIDI. You will see LaunchDJSet on midi presets, select and click Load button, you don't need save. 3) Enjoy the Launchpad mapping :)

vlatz over 7 years ago
The best mapping so far! Thanks!
FRED SPIDERS over 7 years ago

I'm happy that you like it!! Thank you VLATZ ;)