Kontrol F1 Ableton Mapping

Description and Instructions

Hello, my first attempt at a MIDI mapping for the Kontrol F1 in Ableton. I'm certainly no professional, but couldn't find any others on the net and wanted to have a go at making the F1 work as a standalone controller. Feel free to use as a basic template and modify / re-upload.

There are some free plugins used here (not really essential to core functions):

* For Filter "The Pilgrim" http://arcticanaudio.com/effects/thepilgrim.html
* FX Build "MLoversDJClimax" http://www.mloversonline.com/ableton/22-m-lovers-dj-climax-rack.html

* "Already Played" http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/422/already-played
* "Pitch Drop" http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/254/pitch-drop

Included are the Ableton project file and the F1 settings file for NI Controller Editor

See accompanying picture for detail on the mapping. At a high level, there are 3 decks mapped to the first three controller columns, FX on the fourth (and there is a fourth deck available with slightly less features).

You can easily toggle which decks are routed to the FX. You can scroll around the grid using the deck focus butons (jumps to active clip in the grid column if applicable and shows waveform), and the "Clip Up" & "Clip Down" buttons move through the grid rows on the deck in focus ("Launch" button plays the highlighted clip).

There are Low and High EQ Kills for decks A-C. "On/Off" mutes or un-mutes the corresponding deck A-D, with the same buttons serving to stop the playing clip of that deck when using "Shift". There is also the global "Stop" on the shift page too. I deliberately put all stop buttons on the second page to try to avoid inadvertently stopping tunes when mashing the buttons!

Browse serves as "Tap Tempo", while Shift+Rotary Encoder changes it manually. Rotary Encoder without Shift just controls the master level out.

There are a few FX mapped out which seem to work nicely, but lots of stuff to add to a later version. There are quite a few unused buttons. Wanted to play around / get some feedback and find out what is missing rather than just filling up the buttons for the sake of it, so please give me some ideas!

At first glance I thought the F1 might be a bit limited as a standalone controller for something like Ableton, but actually it does the trick rather nicely as an uber-compact controller!

** Note - I've removed the looping and recording functionality as it wasn't working properly. Will do an updated / fixed version soon. Will also try to add a video walkthrough at a later date. Again, please do leave feedback with any thoughts on how it can be improved.