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[ASP004] Apex Soundpack

Description and Instructions

Put on your mirrored sunglasses and fire up the Ferrari - this soundpack is ready to transport you back to the 80's! Aggressive, acidic bass blends into a deceptively clever rebounding kick, while cheesy synth lines and arps hover neatly over the top to make this pack one hell of a ride! Grab your controller, buckle up and hit the perfect Apex while you enjoy this soundpack and speed into the sunset!

*** If you like this mapping, please rate it! If you make a video with this pack, let me know so that I can feature it on my page!

This is Soundpack #4 of a weekly series. Check out the others here:

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Comments for v1.1.1
Debstep Dead about 7 years ago
OMG! Awesome Going To Try it
Tom Andersson almost 8 years ago
Love this soundpack. I don't know how you manage to upload one each week and not sacrifice some quality. The fingerdrumming version you uploaded was really nice, I would actually save it and listen to it like a song. Most of the time soundpacks don't actually sound that great, because it's just 16 buttons/sounds, and most of the enjoyment comes from the 'this looks cool' feeling -- but you've made it sound good too!
Apoth almost 8 years ago

Thank you, Tom! I appreciate it and look forward to you enjoying the next one!

Apoth almost 8 years ago
I hope you guys enjoy this pack! If you have any issues, hit me up on Facebook and let me know! If you like the pack, give it a thumbs up! Thanks for the support, it keeps me going and making more stuff for you!
AntiMatter almost 8 years ago

So dope-

Apoth almost 8 years ago

Thank you!