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The S48 Map

Description and Instructions

This map uses a foot switch, also when you switch from deck A to C or B to D you will not switch over to FX 3 or 4. I use a NI X1 MK2 for FX 3 and 4. You don't need a X1 but you will need something else to control the knobs and buttons on FX 3 and 4. If you don't have a footswitch get one. A really good one is no more than $40 USD and a decent one will run you $18 USD. For $18 USD you can grow a third arm. That extra button pusher you have always needed for $18 USD. 

Note: The term "CH (#)" refers to a modifier channel that I have assigned to a knob. This acts like a selector switch allowing many options to be programed in. At the same time "maybe" keeping a hand free for other tasks. I have programed the left 7 segment LED to show what channel your on. When you press the "Right Shift" button the LED will switch over to show the selected channel. To switch the channel - R Shift + L Loop Size Turn 

In the shortcut notes if I list a deck you must press the deck listed. But if I don't it then depends on which deck you want to effect. Meaning lets say the Pan Reset: "CH7 + L Shift + Foot + Gain Push" here the Gain Push I didn't list a deck, that means the Gain Push you press will decide which deck the "Extra" will be applied to. With the kills the Gain Push is what choses low, high, mid, filter the Cue is what choses the the deck. I chose to list everything in such a way to keep the list down in length. Foot means footswitch.


  • Clipping Indicator: Quant,Master,Snap Button lights will flash on and off
  • Lights to show you what mode your in "everyone loves lights"
  • Quick Rate Wet/Dry FX Level " This will take the rate of the FX wet/dry knob to a very a high rate, meaning with just less than a 1/32 of a turn you will go from dry 0% to wet 100%. Great for when you want to use the Beatmasher for a fill or anytime you to go from dry to wet with no noticeable sweep.": CH7 + Foot + FX Dry/Wet Turn  
  • Freeze Mode - Traktor 2.7
  • 24 FX presets for quick recall to your most used FX chains

  • Pan: L Shift + Gain Turn Reset: CH 7 + L Shift + Foot + Gain Push
  • Key Adjust Coarse: R Shift + Gain Push + Gain Turn Fine: R Shift + Gain Turn Reset: CH7 + R Shift + Foot + Gain Push
  • Gain Reset: CH7 + Foot + Gain Push
  • Waveform Adjust: Gain Push + Gain Turn
  • Low Kill: Gain Push C + Cue
  • Mid Kill: Gain Push A + Cue
  • High Kill: Gain Push B + Cue
  • Filter Kill: Gain Push D + Cue
  • Crossfader Curve Adjust: Gain Push A + Gain Turn D
  • Master BPM adjust: Gain Push D + L Jog Wheel
  • Preview Player Search: Gain Push D + R Jog Wheel
  • Beat Grid Adjust A: Gain Push C + L Jog Wheel
  • Beat Grid Adjust B: Gain Push C + R Jog Wheel
  • Beat Grid Adjust C: Gain Push A + L Jog Wheel
  • Beat Grid Adjust D: Gain Push A + R Jog Wheel
  • Clock Send: L Shift + R Play Sync: L Shift + R Sync
  • Master Volume: CH 7 + Foot + Browser Turn
  • Full-screen: L Shift + R Reset
  • Metronome: L Shift + R Flux
  • Limiter: R Shift + L Reset
  • Remix Deck Save: R Shift + L Flux
  • FX Kill: CH7 + Foot + Load
  • Deck Flavor A or B: L Shift + Deck Select
  • Deck Flavor C or D: R Shift + Deck Select
  • Beatjump 16 Beats Back: L Shift + Loop In
  • Beatjump 16 Beats Forward: L Shift + Loop Out  
  • Beatjump 32 Beats Back: R Shift + Loop In 
  • Beatjump 32 Beats Back: R Shift + Loop Out 

FX send selector allows you to select your FX routing. Your deck FX channel buttons below your gain knobs. Button 1 Insert, button 2 Post Fader. The lights show you which is selected.

  • FX Send 1 (Insert or Post Fader): Gain Push A + FX Channel Selector 1 or 2 on deck A
  • FX Send 2 (Insert or Post Fader): Gain Push B + FX Channel Selector 1 or 2 on deck B
  • FX Send 3 (Insert or Post Fader): Gain Push C + FX Channel Selector 1 or 2 on deck C
  • FX Send 4 (Insert or Post Fader): Gain Push D + FX Channel Selector 1 or 2 on deck D

FX select is easy now. Instead of hitting shift and the FX buttons clicking through one by one I programed the map to now select the FX with a knob turn. So in chain FX mode knobs 1, 2 and 3 are used and in advanced mode just knob 1 is used.

  • FX Select: L Shift + FX Knob 1, 2 or 3

The FX presets are selected with the shift buttons, gain push buttons FX on/off button  and the FX buttons. So here the Shift and Gain Push acts as your bank selector and each bank has 4 presets. The presets are only applied to FX 1 and 2. I am working on the same presets mapping for the NI X1 MK2 for FX 3 and 4. The list I will post a link to here that I used. But if you don't like the presets they are easy to change. The mapping has them listed as FX preset and they are numbered. Button 1 is preset 1 and so on and the FX on/off is button 4. It was a change that I made half way through doing the mapping for the presets that caused this to happen. But it really only makes a difference when changing your FX presets in the mapping and not during use. SIDE NOTE if you need more you can use a channel to gain a other 24 preset slots.

  • Presets: Shift or Gain Push + FX button 1 or 2 or 3 or FX On/Off

8 Hot cue points plus the ability to still use the remix buttons to send loops to remix slots all using the shift keys.
The new Freeze Function (Ch3)------- (V 0.1.1 update Ch3 is for decks A/B and Ch4 C/D)

Video coming soon showing all of the functions.. Plus I will post a list of the FXs presets.. But if you don't like them it's easy to change them. I got the list off the forum here ( I think lol )..

I plan on keeping this updated with a few ideas that I want to implement already in mind..
For now just keep in mind the shift buttons are now treated as two not just one button.. Meaning if you press a right remix slot button and the right shift button it would erase the cue that you hit.. But if you hit the left shit button instead it would send that active loop to remix deck C.. By doing this I have lost really none of the factory functions but have gain so much room to play.. Just remember shift button on the same side normal, opposite side special function.. The gain buttons if you push them they will act like a Mod button also.. Try them with the jog wheels.. C/A gain push along with the jogs will adjust the beat grid..

Please feel free let me know anything I need to fix, make better, add or any other ideas or bugs you find..

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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AllenRobinson about 8 years ago
Total brainfart here. I forgot to upload the update.
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