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Bonkers S4 Mapping [Traktor 2.7] + Freeze Mode

Description and Instructions

Ok here is the little Mapping i've now been using for a while.
Just updatet it for 2.7, not 100% Bugfree but probably like 99%...

Freeze Mode (3 Decks)
DDJ-SX similar beatroll Function
Flux Mode
2 Track Decks
1 Remix Deck/Track Deck
1 Live Input
2 FX Sections (incl. FX Select)
Crossfade Curve Adjust
BPM x2 & /2 Button

Here's how you use it:

Freeze Mode:
Deck A,B,C Freeze Mode Active On Buttons are located on former Loop Recorder Buttons Size, Undo & Rec.
You can adjust the length of the Slices by pushing Shift plus turning the Dry/Wet Knob on the Loop Recorder.
You can change the Amount of Slices for all active Freeze Mode Deck by turning the Dry/Wet Knob.
There are 8 Triggers on the Hotcue + Sample Buttons from Top Left to Bottom Right, only active if Freeze Mode is on.
Also possible: Using Freeze Mode while Looping (i really like this one!!)
To Use Freeze Mode on Deck A/C, it might be necessary to change to Deck C and back to Deck A once when Traktor ist started.

Beatroll Mode:
Press Shift plus one of the Sample Buttons for a Beatroll, they go from 1/16 to 1/2 from left to right.
Always release the Sample Button before you release Shift, otherwise the loop won't stop.

I use 8 Hotcues, which are still availabe by using Hotcue or Sample Buttons ;)

Flux Mode On/Off Button is on Tempo Offset Up Button for Deck A/C and On Tempo Offset Down for Deck B.

Double the Track BPM by pushing Tempo Offset Up for Deck A/C and Tempo Offset Down for Deck B.
Half it by pushing Shift + the Button.

For FX Select push Shift on the side of the FX Section.
You can select Single Effects by Turning Knob 1.
You can select Multi Effects by Turning Knob 1-3.

Crossfade Curve is available in two Settings.
For Sharp Setting press the Quantize Button
For Smooth Setting press the Master Button.
Snap Function is still Default.

If there are any Questions or Feedback, just let me know!

P.S. Nevermind my grammatical Issues, i'm from Germany.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.1.0
BPMline over 4 years ago
Hi! I have Traktor kontrol S4 and there is under it my own Mapping. Whether you will be able in my existing Mapping, to add Freeze slicer mod. If yes, that here the link to my mapping where Freeze Slicer Mode need to add. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6be3bmB3jEWdEVFdjA1UE1EbDQ/edit
Vitus Benson over 4 years ago

I'm sorry, but i am not going to do your work. If you want Freeze Mode in your own Mapping, do it yourself. You can download my mapping and do it similar the way i've done. Greets

Andres over 4 years ago
Awesome map man, one thing though, how do you save samples? I figured I would be able to click and drag a loop but it wont allow it
Bohdi over 4 years ago
It's the xml file can you upload the .tsi? Seems like a really great mapping, looking to use soon.
Vitus Benson over 4 years ago

It should be the .tsi, i downloaded it myself on my mac and it was the tsi.... maybe just try and rename your File to .tsi or try this Dropbox Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/hzpnic9h3qglj2l/Bonkers%20S4%20Mapping.tsi?dl=0

Bohdi over 4 years ago

The dropbox worked! Thank you!