Numark 4Trak - Peter Munch Edit 1.30 Beta

Description and Instructions

The following text covers mapping 1.10, 1.20 and 1.30. The latest version 1.3.0 is a beta version. 1.4.0 will be available soon with bug fixes and other updates.



Hey Numark 4TRAK Users, after spending a few days with the Numark 4TRAK midi controller, I decided that a few changes were needed to the Traktor mapping. The map consists of 3 maps, that you will need to import via Traktors Controller Manager (found in the preferences menu).

Importing the map

In order to make your 4TRAK work with Traktor 2, you will need to import 2 maps. A map for the MAIN unit (the part with the platters) and a map for the FX unit. The extended mapping that I have created will also be needed in order to make the 4TRAK work as described below (or in the youtube video here).

4TRAK-MAIN (version 1.10):

Press Add...  then Import the 4TRAK-MAIN-110.tsi and set the In-Port and the Out-port to send and receive from the 4Trak (Midi).

4TRAK-FX (version 1.10):

Press Add...  then Import the 4TRAK-FX-110.tsi and set the In-Port and the Out-port to send and receive from the 4TRAK-FX (Port 1).


Press Add...  then Import the 4TRAK-PETER-MUNCH-MAP-EXTRAS-110.tsi and set the In-Port and the Out-port to send and receive from the 4Trak (Midi).

 What changed? What's new?

1. Stripsearch

Search without using the shift button. The strip search function is now active all the time. (Warning: If you have humongous hands or if you are more clumsy then the average joe, you might want to change this setting back to its original state).

To revert to the original setting, add modifier conditions (in the mapping details) M2 set to value 1 for channel A & C. M3 set to value 1 for channel B & D.

2. Gain Function set to relative

I found it annoying that I would have to "dial in" to the gain before being able to adjust the gain. So I decided to make the gain relative, so when you want to raise the gain, you just raise it with no need to find the "sweet spot" before. The original setting with soft takeover still works, just hold down the shift and the gain will work as the original map. Let's say that you have raised the level multiple times and your gain control are close to the max, just hold down the shift and "reset" the gain control.

3. Monitor PFL

A solution to the missing meters on the channels. I simply dropped the stripsearch LEDs and made them into channel level meters instead. Now it is easy to see if your channel is active (outputting music) before you load up another track.

4. Control of FX 3 & 4 on Assignable faders

The faders next to the browsing section is now set to adjust the dry/wet of effect 3 & 4. Holding down shift will only set the faders maximum to around 50%. It makes it easier to use with Reverbs and Delays that you might not want to set to 100% wet.

5. Selection of FX 3 & 4.

The assignable rotary knobs next to the browsing section is set to scroll through the effects banks of 3 & 4. Click down on the rotary will activate the effect.

6. Instant filter.

The 3 assignable buttons within the browsing section has been programmed as follow. The assignable buttons under the "file tree" and "favorites" buttons are set to load Traktors Filter (FILTR) and activate it. Clicking again will dis-activate the filter.

Clicking the assignable button under the "songs" button will set the assignable rotary knobs in a "edit setting" state. Rotating the encoder will change the resonance of the filter, clicking down will switch between low-pass and hig-hpass filter. If the middle assign button is not active - rotating the Assignable encoder will keep scrolling through effects and disengage the filter.

Remember to activate the FX directly on the channels in order to use the Filters from Effect 3 & 4.Which leads to my next mapping.

7. Effect Unit 3 & 4 On (On Channel A, B, C and D)

Now that we have extra filters set up on Effect channel 3 & 4, it would be nice to be able to switch on the effects on that actual channels without having to use the mouse on the computer. Simply hold down shift and the FX buttons above the Gain controls on each channel, will switch to Effect 3 & 4. I haven't had a chance to program the FX buttons so that they give exact feedback of the state they are in, once the shift button is being held down, I will work on that asap. Feel free to do it if you feel like it and post the updated map on this thread.

Now what - What's the score - What comes next - ?

I still haven't figured out what to use the extra Assignable buttons above the "Set Master" button for. What do you guys use it for?

Please share your ideas for other cool ways to improve this map.




New Feature: When holding down shift (both the left and right one), FX Buttons on top of each mixer channel will show the setting of FX 3 & 4.



New Feature: This mapping works with Traktor Pro v. 2. Make sure that your FX slot 3 is set to group! Hold down the left shift button and press the assign button above the set master button. The left set of Hot Cue buttons will enter HOT FX mode (The buttons will light up in red).

To choose a HOT FX PRESET, hold down shift and press Hot Cue 1 to 5. There are 5 presets.

To exit the HOT FX MODE hold down shift and press the assign button again above the set master (left of the platter).

Please notice that this is a BETA version. I will try to optimize the FX settings and make the presets even better over the next couple of weeks.


Full review of the Numark 4Trak:

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.3.0
stevecampion about 5 years ago
Made my live a lot easer! many thanks got a great user of the fx but the level meter is excellent!
TONY over 5 years ago
Hi is it possible to post just the mapping for the pfl meters as this is really essential in my mind when using cd decks its a pain with no visual levels