One Button Automixer[One Button Mapping Contest]

Description and Instructions

This mapping is for people who:
  • only have a keyboard and would still like to mix
  • are on vacation and were not able to take a controller with them but still want to mix
  • love to choose the right tracks at the right time, but hate mixing (Yes you guys are still awesome Djs)

In this mapping you only have to press the "V"  key on your keyboard and your tracks will get blended into each other. Stop the muted track, load the next and your good to go.

If your mix sounds like you put some bricks in your washing machine you should check out this awesome tutorial about beatgrids in Traktor by Ean Golden :

IMPORTANT: The effects in the 4th panel should be filter:92 ; delay ; reverb and the crossfader should be on soft to make the mapping work correct(You can change them in the mapping itself if it autoresets them)
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Comments for v1.0.0
Le Dorh about 9 years ago
Crashed on traktor 2.7.3
Noah over 9 years ago
can I use a different key?
Housefreund over 9 years ago
Can't open effects only, just keyboard when importing