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Device control for Ableton Live 8

Description and Instructions

Hello all, This is just a basic mapping to give all live 8 users the same device control as Mad Zach made for the live 9 users. so I just felt here is mine for any one who wants to use the twister and is still on Ableton Live 8.
all it does is give device controls to the lower 8 knobs on the twister. any device/rack the blue hand is on you can control
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Comments for v0.1.0
Mark Cole over 5 years ago
I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I don't believe so, though. I stuck the script in Ableton 8 midi script folder. it came up in my control surfaces. I used mf twister on my in and out, but nothing at all is happing when I turn the knobs to try and control devices.
EmcFraktal over 5 years ago

make sure my file says user script only when you install it. I had the same problem myself an realized if i leave it as titled then it wont default for me. I hope this helps. If not just hmu. Cheers

Mark Cole over 5 years ago

Thanks for getting back at me! I tried your advice, but I'm apparently doing something wrong. Still can't get it to work.... So this is everything I did in order, maybe you can pin point where I went wrong. 1) I did the download v0.10. {it is 1 page of 8 kb text}. 2) I went to the latest version I have of ableton 8 and opened the package contents to get to the midi scripts folder. 3) next I created a new folder titled it user script 4) Then I changed the file name on the script to user script and placed it into the folder that I titled user script within the midi scripts folder. 5) then I opened Live 8 and went to my midi preferences and set my control surface with user script and midi fighter twister on the in and out. Also I made sure the the remote was set on for both in and out. 5) I pulled some devices in to a set and shifted through all four banks pressing and turning resulting in nothing happening.

Mark Cole over 5 years ago

I'm good now. I got it working. I had to change the file name back to Userconfiguration.text. Created a new folder titled, midi fighter twister ; and I put it within the ( [ library ] >preferences>ableton live 8>userscripts ) folder instead of the ableton > package contents>midi scripts file located in the application folder that I have used to install other scripts. Thanks for creating and sharing the mapping!