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DNS-MC6000 Serato Scratch live Mapping

Description and Instructions

Here a map the you can use with the DNS-MC6000 as a stand alone midi controller for Serato Scratch Live as long as the person has a Serato SL BOX
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
ravi harnarain over 4 years ago
hey gluys I follow a lot of your stuff, I know this is old but I cant get this to work with scrtch live. I need m using help. I a sl1 box could that be the prob. please someone help
DJ Rafeez over 8 years ago
Hey Guys...im using Scratch LIVE with the DN-MC6000...and the mapping you guys provided...But im having a little problems with it...The First hour of playing...the CUE and PITCH freezes on me...im still able to play but with no pitch and cue control on the control board...this is the 4th time its happening to me...does anyone knows why??? i change the USB plug...i re-download scratch live..same problem...But when i use VDJ on it no Problem...for the first year playing with scratch live and using the mapping...i had no problems...its just recent..if anyone can help..much appreciated..
andresmix over 9 years ago
como puedo bajar el mappin
Maximus Moretta over 9 years ago

tienes que ser miembro DJTT y accede, basta con una membresía es gratis

Dee EL almost 10 years ago
i'm new to this site and this whole mapping deal. i tried to download the .xml but i got a warning that this type of file could harm my computer. i downloaded it on my mac with no message (haven't tried it yet). i get this message on my pc laptop. is it safe????
Maximus Moretta almost 10 years ago

yea, xml files are not program files. They're like text files for your DJ Software you just download it a drag it to your midi folder in Serato

Dee EL about 9 years ago

thx. works fine! too bad i still gotta use the Serato box. but great map!!!

Yossin Pacheco almost 10 years ago
come posso mappare il mio denon mc6000 mi puo sppiegare il processo pacheco1@hotmail.com