MF Twister 4-Deck All-In-1

Description and Instructions

Complete control of Traktor on all 4 decks!
with detailed visual feedback using the recent firmware update's extended LED features.

  • 1-Deck Mode supports Remix Decks, Stems Decks, and Freeze Mode with all mappable commands for all 4 decks with (1) Cell + Cell Modifiers, (2) Slot, (3) Deck, and (4) FX layers.
  • Track Layer. Easily navigate betweeen (1) Hotcues (and editing), (2) Looping, (3) Moving, and (4) Loop Recorder and Flux Mode layers through the bottom row buttons.
  • FX, with selectors, deck select, routing, storing, and resets/kills
  • Browser with loading page and all the Browser action commands + global and layout commands with 5 knob sensitivity settings
  • Monitor and X-Fader
  • Mixer. EQs, Gain/Autogain, Filter, Pan with kills, resets, and normal or fine grain knob sensitivity. Also Play/Volume/Seek Position.
  • Master Clock
  • Tempo manipulation: Bend, Sync, Adjust, Range Select, Set as Master
  • Key manipulation. Normal rotary mode as well as an increment/decrement mode for precise semitone (and 4 other sensitivities) adjustment
  • Grid and Track Prep layer

  • The bottom row buttons activate a shift layer when held. In addition to particular functions on any given layer, this shift layer provides a means to navigate between connected layers and get to any other layer with particular button combos (see image below). The upper and lower side buttons also navigate between different layers. The middle side buttons are free. So, you can still use the Traktor Sequencer TSI and the other 3 banks for your own purposes. I tried to make it as intuitive as possible, but there's some depth. See the image description for details.

    Known Issues:
    • Every press, release, and twist triggers a "Send Monitor State" message , making the LEDs a bit "twitchy" when twisting.
    • This pack includes 9 TSI files (one could call it a Traktor hack). This can be a bit bulky when navigating through the controller manager. That's the only place I've experienced lag, but older computers may have trouble with this pack. So, I suggest saving (exporting) your current settings before importing this pack if you want to easily revert back. If you're system just can't take it, you might try using only a few of the TSIs (Track, Remix, and Mixer are still a powerful combo). I haven't tested this, however. Just be sure to load all of the layers you choose before engaging anything.
    • The master clock layer switches between the default [4] Mixer layout and a custom [5] Clock/Recorder, which you'll need to create before importing the pack to maintain this functionality.

    I've incorporated (at times straight-up ported) ideas from other mappings on the DJTechTools mappings page, including: 
    • the FX presets from Stewe's "Twister 4FX Pro" mapping, 
    • a 4-deck version of Stewe's "Twister Track Prep Mapping" (part of the Grid layer), 
    • inspiration from Beaubryte's "Twister - Advanced 4-Deck Rotary Mixer (Beaubryte)" and "Twister - Remix Deck Mapping (Beaubryte)" mappings
    Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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