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Magic LED's

Description and Instructions

This is just a little mapping I made to give my controller a little flare! It maps the cue point LED's to the pre-gain filter to help visualize the volume and timing of your separate tracks.
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Comments for v0.1.0
Xudianyong over 4 years ago
why not d???
Xudianyong over 4 years ago
good !!!!!
2EZ over 7 years ago
Is there a way you could post a video of exactly what the mapping looks like when the LEDs are lit up?
Wade about 8 years ago
So do I have to pay $300 for Final Cut Pro X in order to open this Final Cut Pro X XML file? Because that's what I'm being told by my Mac
austinruddle about 8 years ago

There shouldn't be any reason for Final Cut Pro, the only file should be the tsi. file.

Stewe over 7 years ago

Hey Guys, I can confirm this is a .TSI file - @WADE all you need to do is change the file extension from .xml in to .tsi and you are good to import in to Traktor.