Description and Instructions

Built off the UserConfiguration script included with Ableton.  This script has the same functionally as Mad Zach's with the addition of bank controls, now you can access every parameter in Ableton devices.  

Last 8 encoders on Bank 4 control devices, bottom right and left side buttons toggle through banks.  To install, create a folder in the USER remote scripts folder (not MIDI remote scripts) and name it whatever you want this control surface to be named.  Then copy this file into that folder.  Feedback is always welcome!
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Comments for v0.1.0
Ken about 1 month ago
Live 10 friendly?
Rob Sawyer almost 4 years ago
Where is the User Remote Script folder? I can't seem to find this in Ableton 9.7/Contents/App-Resources/.
Alex Grabiner almost 4 years ago

It not in the app content, it should be in the user library

Pouya Hamidi over 4 years ago
Thanks! Works for me on Ableton 9.1! :)
iLL Gazillion over 4 years ago

Does not seem to work... must be missing something. Mad Zach's version has many files..... What do I need to do?

Alex Grabiner over 4 years ago

There is only one file, but make sure its in the USER remote scripts folder, check out this article for instructions on how to find it