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Description and Instructions

Ever wanted to call up an effect as soon as possible? Now you can! with my mapping, B is for Beatmasher, your computer keyboard can put single and multi effects into FX Slot 2 in no time! Use Alt + a letter key for single effects, and Alt + Shift + a letter key the create a multi effects chain, WHICH ADDS THAT EFFECT, AND ANY OTHERS, ONE AFTER THE OTHER! ANY THREE EFFECTS IN LIKE 3 SECONDS!

Here are the commands so far:

A is for Auto Bouncer
B is for Beatmasher
D is for Delay
E is for Event Horizon
F is for Flanger
G is for Gater
I is for rIngmodulator
L is for Lofi
M is for Mulholland Drive
O is for frOmant Filter
P is for Phaser
R is for Reverb
S is for Slicer (Laser Slicer)
T is for Tape Delay
Z is for Zzzurp

But how to I route these effects to my decks, you might ask? Easy! hit Alt + 1-4 to route FX Unit 2 to decks 1, 2, 3 or 4

The full command list can be seen in the picture! This keyboard mapping is designed to be used with an S2, so I mapped only 4 hot cues on each deck, and some other things are different from the original.
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