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All Inclusive MidiFighter 3D-Bank A

Description and Instructions

Note: If you have updated to the latest MF3D firmware (30 May 2013) you may need to load the Legacy->Standard firmware for this mapping to work as expected. 
This can be found in the Tools->Alternate Firmware section of the MF Utility

 All buttons have a seperate use depending on the bank used and side button pressed; except for the SHIFT button and PLAY/PAUSE button which are the same on all banks.


1. Download all 4 all-inclusive mappings ( they can work seperately but to get full control you need all 4). I created seperate mappings for each bank to make it easier for anyone to customize values , and easy to find bugs if there any problems.

2.Import the 4 .tsi settings into Traktor.

3.Click Bank A to switch to Hotcue/Loops Control.

 The top 8 buttons select and store Hotcues 1-8.

The bottom 8 buttons set and activate loops from 16 beats down to 1/8 beat.
They all work according to deck focus, which is selected by pressing the side buttons 1,2,4, or 5. Button 3 is the SHIFT button which you must hold down to delete hotcues. Button 6 is PLAY/PAUSE which is also controlled by Deck Focus. You can select deck focus on any bank and press play.

4. Bank B controls Hotcues 1-4 for all 4 decks, pressing Side Button 4 switches control to hotcues 5-8.

Pressing Side Button 2 switches control over to FX Unit 1&2 toggles on all 4 decks, Dry/Wet signal control on FX Units 1&2, and Gain Control on decks A &B. Holding shift gives you access to FX Unit 3&4, Dry/Wet control on Units 3&4, and Gain control on decks C&D.

 Pressing Side Button 5 gives you control of the Filter on each 4 decks. The top 4 buttons are Filter toggle on, Filter amount decrease, Filter amount increase, and Filter reset for Deck A. The next row controls Deck B filter, the row after that controls Deck C, and finallly the bottom row controls Deck D filter.

5.Bank C contains FX controls.

 Press Side Button 1=16 button FX Unit 1:effect 1 Amount control set to 10%-85%+Hold FX on. Holding shift in this mode enables Motion Control over effects 1-3 in FX Unit 1. Holding shift also allows FX panel mode toggle with the top row of buttons (single or group mode switch FX Units 1-4)

Press Side Button 2=Each row of four button controls effect 1&2 on a FX Unit. Holding shift gives you control over effect 3 and also allows you to Toggle On effects 1&2 on each FX Unit.

Press Side Button 4= Single Mode Effect Parameters 1&2 control on all 4 FX Units, holding SHIFT switches to effect parameter 3 control plus single effect buttons 1&2 Toggle On.

Press Side Button 5= You get Effects Select on effects 1-3= single effect select on FX Units 1&2. Holding shift gives you acces to effect selects for Units 3&4

6. Bank D controls FX Unit 2 and also contains a modified Instant Gratification Mapping.

Side Button 1= effect 1 set amount to 10%-90%+Hold:effect ON
Side Button 4= effect 2 set amount to 10%-90%+Hold:effect ON
Side Button 5= effect 3 set amount to 10%-90%+Hold:effect ON

Holding Shift in any of Bank D modes gives you control over Channel Faders. Setting amounts from 0-90% open

7. Motion Control- After hitting the top left side button in any Bank, holding shift will activate the motion controls on FX unit 1.

Instructions pictures can be found here http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=52652
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
PlataKnow about 10 years ago
Thanks to whoever liked it :D
GRITT over 10 years ago
I love this pack because it really shows what can be done with the Midi Fighter 3d :) lots of cool features needs some work, but I love the lay out how the shift keys are for selecting deck while the tabs are used for selecting different banks of parameters. I recommend giving this pack a try :) nice job for a v0.1.0 can't wait for the updates
PlataKnow over 10 years ago

Thank you very much:) I'm making additional maps for banks C and D, so you can choose between 2 FX controls , Beatjump controls, or sample controls. Did you have any issues with the mapping?

PlataKnow over 10 years ago

Hit the like button if you like it.