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DeeandBeee Toolkit Pack

Description and Instructions

174 bpm with some F# basslines. Super basic, but so is an ax. I made this to play along with my heroes & add to my live sets. Hope y'all enjoy. Your neighbors...maybe not so much.
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Comments for v0.1.0
kage almost 8 years ago
great pack i would defiantly recommend. i have only had the midi fighter3d a view days but i already feel like an expert
(FTWicked) over 7 years ago


(FTWicked) about 8 years ago
Couldn't include the Metroid theme as it's owned by Nintendo :) (>*-*)> <(*-*<)
Desmodus about 8 years ago

So shame about Metroid. But it's so fresh and funky. First pack with dnb feeling...hope not last :) Keep it Up Mike!

(FTWicked) about 8 years ago