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QuNeo DJ Player Preset

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Description and Instructions

Any QuNeo users out there looking for some DJ magic with your iDevice?
Introducing QuNeo DJ Player preset mapping!

Grab it here for just 1€!

Install Instructions:

                       On Your Computer

  • Install iFunbox application from here: http://www.i-funbox.com
  • Connect your iDevice and launch iFunbox
  • Go to iFunbox Classic menu
  • On the drop down tree to the left click on your applications folder
  • Click on DJ Player folder and open "documents"
  • Drag n' drop the QuNeo.midimap inside that folder
  • Done!
                           On QuNeo

  • Connect QuNeo to your computer and launch QuNeo Editor
  • Click on a Pad and then File -} Import Preset -} DJ Player.quneopreset
  • Save that preset and hit Update Preset
  • Done!

                        On your iDevice
*Tested & working with iPhone 5.Other iDevices should have no trouble working either.
*Support & Feature Requests always welcomed here: http://yorgosarabatzis.wix.com/yorgosarabatzis#!contact/c21nl
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.1
Nova Milo about 5 years ago
so basically i found out that the download from DJTT above only includes the JPEG of the map... the actaul midimap is not in the zip file... Do we have to go to Yorgos' website and pay him 1 Euro for the midimap? It will be great if it's mentioned here, not that is hard to pay that sum just feel i am mislead a little when it says, "Grab from here"... Here in the US we usually grab things for free :-) or we "Pay the Damage" :-) cheers, nova*
Yorgos Arabatzis about 5 years ago

Sorry for that but DJ techtools doesn´t gives you the option to set a price so the "grab it here" was the only solution...Anyway to avoid any confusion in the future i've updated the details...