VCI-400 Impulze (inspired by JS Custom Mapping)

Description and Instructions

Update v1.1.0 (changes below)


Hey there!

This is my Edit of Jake Shauli's "JS Custom Mapping", which is (in my opinion) one of the best mappings out there.
But I made a few changes and added even more feautures on this already great Mapping.

I made this in Traktor 2.6.7 and everything works fine for me.

Link to original Mapping:

Here is a complete List of all features besides the Standard ones everyone should know:

Mixer Section:
  • Master Cue - Now set as "shift" in hold mode. The LED will light 
  • Master - sync button LED reveals which deck is set as master when shift it engaged
  • Keylock - "Shift + fx 1 select" on each channel deck (shift disengaged). Note: the LED will light when keylock is NOT engaged for that channel because most of the time (for me) it is engaged. I just need to know when it's not.
  • Echo/Freeze - "Shift + fx 2 select" for each deck. 

File Browser:
  • turn middle encoder -> navigate through tracks
  • PRESS middle encoder -> open/close Browser view
  • The Bottom two Buttons of the 4 Buttons in the middle above -> navigate through tracks by pages
  • Shift + turn middle encoder -> navigate through Folders
  • Shift + PRESS middle encoder -> open/close Folder

Rubber Buttons (left mode):
  • Play/Pause and Cue - no changes
  • Shift + Play -> Reset to start (Deck 1-4)
  • Shift + Cue -> CUP (Deck 1-4)
  • Flux mode with indicator on the left(A,C)/right(B,D)

Rubber Buttons (middle mode):
  • Shift + Play -> Reset to start (Deck 1,2)
  • Shift + Cue -> CUP (Deck 1,2)
Rubber Buttons (middle mode):
  • Flux mode with indicator as in left mode
  • Seek position (to scrub quickly though a track): Shift+Jog turn
  • JogFX in Pad mode 3 will come!
Before starting:
  • Have FX 4 as single.
  • FX 1&2 doesn't matter. You can change them as you like by pressing the Encoder Knob.
  • Select the "master cue" button under the master volume knob to set the echo/freeze parameters to the proper levels.
  • Flick A/C and B/D buttons once each to ensure the proper LED is selected.

Known Bugs:
haven't noticed any, but when you come across any please tell me

I'm sure i have forgotten some things, but for now it will do, and i hope there are many people to test this mapping and give feedback to me. 

A huge THANK YOU goes to Jake Shauli for his great mapping, which he allowed me to use as a template.

I hope you will stay tuned, as there is much more to come in the near future!
Have a nice day then!


Update v1.0.0: Changelog
  • FX1&2
    • First Knob on each FX Panel controls Wet/Dry
    • The other 2 Knobs and the Encoder Control FX Parameters 1-3
    • Button under the first Knob activates and deactivates FX (only in Single FX mode)
    • in Group FX mode: that button lights up to the beat to show you that Group FX is enabled
    • the other 3 Buttons do the same as the 3 Buttons in the Traktor Software (depending on which Effect Mode is active)
    • Clicking Encoder changes Effect Mode (Single/Group)
    • Shift + Turning one of the 3 Encoders on each side will let you change each separate effect in Group Mode
    • Shift + Turning the left Encoder will change Single Mode effect
    • when you hold an Instant Effect in Pad 3 Mode, encoders will change FX3 parameters
    • the two buttons on the very left/right will change the Key of the Song, as long as Key is changed, the Top button will light up. (works separately for Deck A/C and B/D)
    • Shift + Pressing top left/right button will reset key (works separately for Deck A/C and B/D)

Update v1.1.0: Changelog
  • Shift Commands on FX1&2 Buttons now changed with normal Commands
  • FX4 now possible on multiple Tracks!!!
  • New Rubber Button (second from left/right):
    • see behaviour in the Picture
  • FX Knobs will change to "Soft Takeover"-Mode while Shift is Pressed
  • When Key is changed on one Deck, and you load a new Track in this Deck, the Key Parameter will reset.
  • some minor Improvements 
  • Finally an image with description (some things are missing so check descriptions as well)
  • sure i forgot something but this were the most important ones.

Future Updates:
  • JogFX
  • pre set Makro Effects on Shift pressing FX Buttons
  • (maybe some Pad Mode 4 stuff I'm playing around with)
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.1.0
Mapleton Lawrence (DJ Tarco) over 8 years ago
Just a quick question when I load your mapping and press shift and switch deck select sometimes the #8 on the decks does not work correctly sometimes it activates correctly and sometimes it doesn't have you had any other comments about this.
Mapleton Lawrence (DJ Tarco) over 9 years ago
I just cannot find it as yet I was wondering on the Pitch Fader usually shift is used to disable the Pitch Fader temporarily and change the zero position. Did you change it in this mapping?
Dunkeeel over 9 years ago

Hey, don't know if I understood correctly, but you want the Pitch Fader to be disabled while pressing shift? If that's what you want, go to the Main Mapping and Search for "Tempo Adjust". Then set Modifier M1=0 on each one, so it will only work when Modifier 1=0 (when shift is not pressed)

Mapleton Lawrence (DJ Tarco) over 9 years ago

blessings thanks

Mad Tice over 9 years ago
Hi Dunkeel, I'm using your mapping for about a year, made a few small alterations and loved it ever since. Now since traktor 2.7 i'm experiencing problems using the jogwheel to nudge tracks. It doesn't work properly. Whenever I nudge a track forward the track goes a bit forward, a bit backward, a bit forward and so on. Same goes for backward nudging. Have you experienced this aswell? Do yo have a fix for this? Thanks a lot! Mad Tice
Dunkeeel over 9 years ago

Hey Mad Tice, sorry for the late reply. Currently I am not using Traktor anymore, so i can't reproduce this problem, but i might just came across the reason of this strange behavior. Go into settings and delete the "Scratch" entries in the Main Mapping (would be best to save the mapping before). Would be nice if you could tell me if it worked.

DJ BrianJ over 9 years ago
Hi Dunkeel - Great mapping. VCI-400 is such a nice piece of gear, it's great to see good mappings like yours keeping it fresh as Traktor evolves. I've played around for several hours now with your mapping, and i've figured out pretty much everything with 1 exception: 1. Turning on flux mode seems to require switching the mode button from remix deck to track deck or live input. I'd like to use flux, but i use remix sets and the switch of the mode button that enables the flux button clears out the remix set. In the middle mode (which selects remix sets) the flux (rubber bottom left on deck A) button doesn't work - it just causes the LED to blink in beat, but doesn't enable flux. It works in the left mode (track deck). Have you seen this? I'm pretty excited about using this mapping to record in the next week or two - i'd really like to use flux mode a bit. Let me know if you have suggestions. Quite possibly user error. Thanks for the work on this, Brian J
Dunkeeel over 9 years ago

Hi, first of all, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like my mapping. You're right, in Remix Deck Mode those buttons aren't really mapped at all. And pressing one of the rubber buttons always cause them to blink, because it is set this way by default and you can't change it as far as I know. As for Flux Mode I can map this button for you if you like once i have the time, which won't be before January 8th. Or you can even map it yourself easily. You can find many videos on youtube on how to do it. Just click "add in -> deck common -> flux mode on" on my mapping. Then click learn, press the button on the controller, click learn again. Set it to toggle and you're done.

DJ BrianJ over 9 years ago

Thanks... I'll try it myself and see where i get to. I had thought about just removing the modifier from the flux mapping so it always behaved in the same way. I have a Kontrol F1 and use that to control the remix decks, so would like to make other use of the rubber buttons on the bottom.

Sean almost 10 years ago
What firmware version is required in order to use? I've uploaded the JS custom mapping but am not able to use the cross fader nor volume faders. Think it's the mapping or firmware?
Dunkeeel almost 10 years ago

Hi, Im sorry to hear that my mapping doesn't work for you. Here is a newer Version: I'm using Firmware Update 2.0 i think. But normally it should work no matter what firmware you're using. Please tell me if v1.3 works for you. At the moment I'm revising the whole mapping and i had to split it up to make things work I'm about to implement. But this will take some more time i guess.