Ms Pinky MIDI Fighter Mapping

Description and Instructions

Hey this mapping includes 2 Ableton project files and 2 max 4 live patches. Simply unpack the zip file and then place the .amxd plugin files in 
music - ableton - user library - presets - audio effects - max audio effect

You need to buy the Ms Pinky IWS system to use this midi map. You can buy it here

The AUDIOFX_EDITED.amxd file loads the patch that loads clips from any track. The AUDIOFX_Track_Selector.amxd loads the patch that only loads clips from the track that it is on.

check out the posts that started all this on the ms pinky forum here

I also have a photoshop template i made real quick for midi fighter 3d mapping here

This is also my first map like this so let me know if there are any bugs. Maybe ill be able to figure them out. You can message me here faster. 

and on a shameless plug, don't forget to check out my Soundcloud. Not much content right now but will be soon.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
WetWildWendy about 10 years ago
Ms Pinky IWS Software $60.00 you might wanna start the info with that
Operator Unknown about 10 years ago

i put this in the info when i first wrote it. "You need to buy the Ms Pinky IWS system to use this midi map. You can buy it here" the software is for advanced users, and you do need to also buy some of their control vinyl as well or you could just use the cd timecode if you use cdjs. the program is worth it though. i only wish ableton would make this a standard feature in their software.