Loop Move Macros: Example Only

Description and Instructions

This mapping turns the two Loop encoders into Loop encoder macros like Ean uses in his tutorial. Note that none of the other controls are mapped, so this mapping is just a basis for integrating into your own mapping or building on top of! 
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Comments for v0.1.0
Mrkrkn over 7 years ago
Hi, i try this on a xone k2, on the two encoders, the size selector and set is good but i have a problem with a move loop with a second encoder. pls help.
Ginkgo over 10 years ago
I'm working on applying these mapping techniques to the encoder on my F1 - the problem I'm having is that only the Loop Size & Selector gives the option to specify a value (4 counts) - the others do not, as far as I can see. Ie, I can map the Mode Selector, but can't specify the mode (loop move). Also, I don't see how to map the "loop release" function. There's Loop Out, but that's something different. Any help would be much appreciated.
djmatthewstar over 10 years ago

Don't worry about loop release as the Loop Size Select + Set will toggle by default so 1st push activates second push exits loop. The Mode and Size Selectors are not found in the Loop menu but rather the Move menu and when set to direct you should be able to select the number of beats you wish to move the loop (16/32)... Hope this helps...

djmatthewstar over 10 years ago
For those interested in using loop move macros with the X1 mk2 check out my latest mapping: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/2442 Enjoy!
Greg Sawers over 10 years ago
It would be super cool if someone came up with a mapping for X1 Mk2. I have two X1 Mk2 and thus will need to think about how I remap the default mapping. I like the default of selecting loop size with the rotary knobs + being able to scroll through the tracks by pressing shift. On my old Xone1D I had beat jump mapped to buttons going forward in 8/16/32 so perhaps I'll do that with Shift and some of the cue buttons. If anyone feels like trailblazing this for me then you will be anointed as The Dude.
oriyong over 10 years ago

I have 2 X1MK2 as well and agree in what you just said. Anyone please help!!

Greg Sawers over 10 years ago

I've been looking at MIDI Mapping. It's not actually all that hard to set a macro. I'm currently still deciding how I want to set it up. For instance if I've got a 4-8 bar loop going and then I press SHIFT plus rotate the LOOP KNOB the loop moves along at the size of the current loop. So.. I want to MAP that so it's a MOVE of 16/32. But, I'm kinda swithering over mapping it to the touch strip as it's quite accurate.

KAMZA84 over 10 years ago
Thanks! How do i then go about "integrating" this XML into my current TSI (which is the Beaubryte one for the S2)? Any help would be appreciated!
Vaxcine over 10 years ago

Nice I'm gonna mess about with the mapping an see if i can't get it work without encoders - since I don't have any.

Shocon over 10 years ago

This file is an xml. Please can the uploader turn this into a .zip file before uploading this to the site so we can all have it. Thanks

Nico García over 10 years ago

just delete .xml in filename and let .tsi left than it would work when you import to controller manager