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X1 Preperation mapping

Description and Instructions

Mapping to use the Kontrol X1 to prep your tracks
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Comments for v0.1.0
babba over 6 years ago
Some weird behaviour , when you remove all hot cues with shift+in it jumps back to the loop section. ;(
babba over 6 years ago
Thank you this makes my life easier :)) cheers
Jon Oh almost 9 years ago
is this compatible with traktor 2.6?
Danielkaye about 9 years ago
The thing that got me excited about this mapping was the ability to accurately move to your cue point using sync and beat. Could you tell me if there is a way you can speed this up without scrolling/jumping through the track? I would just like it to be a little quicker if you know what I mean, I feel like it takes 30 seconds to get to the point I want, even if I'm not far away from it... The rest of the mapping is great :)
mrkarico over 9 years ago
Sorry because I haven't tried it yet but I'm wondering about the usefulness of this mapping...maybe a video-demo should make change my mind..
dubyou over 9 years ago

Its useful for track preparation. (Fixing beat grids, setting hot cues) so that your tracks are ready for performance.