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OlliC's Xone K2 SSL Midi Mapping

Description and Instructions

Xone K2 Serato Scratch Live Midi Mapping 

  • Transport
  • Cue Points
  • Loops
  • Effects
  • 4 SP-6 Player Banks
  • Mode Settings
  • Uses K2's Latching Layers
  • Midi Output Light

  • Set your K2 into Latching Layer Mode 2 (Switch Matrix)
  • Get at least SSL version 2.5 (Because of the Midi Output Lights)


I used the Red Hammer commands for the Cue-Points. So to set a
Cue-Point just press one of of the free Cue-Point slots. The second press plays that Cue Point. To delete a Cue-Point hold down the 'Shift Delete'-Button and press the Cue-Point.
If you load a track to a Deck, the defined Cue-Points light up immediately. 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Snophi over 3 years ago
I have downloaded this but have no idea how to make it work with my k2? Or alternatively, if you could help me work out how to access the layers while trying to custom map my k2, that would be so awesome! When I hit layer it assigns it to a command???
Doc over 3 years ago

You have to setup the right latching layer mode. If no mode is selected i think the layer switching button is just a normal button you can map. Look into the manual of the K2 how to set it. I have it not available atm.

juan almost 4 years ago
Hi, I asked you this same thing on the Serato Forum, but just in case. I would like to control Serato DJ or Scratch Live with the K2. Now, I want to know if it's possible to control the decks volume with the faders the controller has. Thanks in advance!
Thorsten Maya almost 3 years ago

There are no volume faders or eqs in serato. so no its not possible.