Track Prep mapping for MIXit / Soundgarden controller

Description and Instructions

As far as I can tell, Aldi (discount supermarket chain) used to sell a DJ controller in Norway / Sweden / Denmark (box labelled "Soundgarden"). That same controller is now available cheaply in the UK from GetInTheMix where they call it the "SG-1 MIXit".

It's a MIDI device (no soundcard) - so I decided to turn it into a dedicated grid-prep controller. I was VERY much inspired and assisted by Ean's Kontrol S2 Prep mapping, so huge thanks to him.

The "MIXit" is a lot smaller lighter and CHEAPER than my S2, so I will be able to take it on trips where I have my laptop but would not have the S2 - enabling me to catch up with my huge backlog of track-prep.

(This is not a "normal" performance mapping - it's strictly a Prep special.)

PDF cheat sheet is included, full instructions are in the youtube vid.
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