Flashflooder's DeckGrat (CHRILL ISOnMore edit)

Description and Instructions

Sorry the video is flipped the wrong way couldnt figure out how to fix it.

This is an edit of the Flashflooder - DeckGrat mapping.
I felt it was lacking some features included in the deckalized mapping and some that werent included in that section at all. I added another bank with Signal Isolation Routing,  (inspired by the Stewe mapping for the CNTRL:R,) as well as reverse function & track browsing. I was unable to figure out how to do the midi out if anyone could help with the lights for my isolation page that would be great :D If you like it and appreciate the time and effort I put in to making it would be great if you could follow me @ www.soundcloud.com/chrillmusic/ I will be posting original music and some mixes utilizing the effects in this mapping. Thanks everyone who uses this as well as Flashflooder & Stewe for the inspiration on this!! - CHRILL

Hope the video explains it well enough. For information on how to upload mapping refer to the Flashflooder's DeckGrat mapping.

Here is how I use the mapping!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsdVWKSr5Gw

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